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Mother asked me to promise never to put her in a nursing home.  Years later I moved her into my home and became a full-time caregiver. I had no idea that I had joined the ranks of millions of family caregivers.  Neither did I have a true concept of the depth of care and emotions this commitment would require. 


Time seemed to stand still, yet last forever as Mother and I shared this season of our lives.  Although it was a very emotional and often turbulent time, I was committed to the role to “Honor your mother” because it is a commandment from the Bible, which served as my manual.


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13 NKJV) became my foundation scripture.  I liked to identify passages which spoke to me, often writing them on scraps of paper to tuck into my pockets for quick reference.  Without the encouraging words of support, I may not have had the courage to persevere as a caregiver.


After Mother went to heaven, a thought kept emerging that I should record these scriptures and my experiences as inspiration and encouragement for other caregivers. 


The decision to print them was confirmed by words from Psalm 26:7 to 

“. . . publish with the voice of thanksgiving and tell of my wondrous works.”  Then when contemplating a title, I heard the words A Promise Kept softly spoken, I knew that God was orchestrating the project.

Bonita talks about the personal challenges and triumphs of becoming the primary caregiver to her mother.

Bonita Bandaries is a freelance writer, author, and inspirational speaker who addresses issues of education, parenting, and caregiving.  Her career as an educator included roles of counselor, teacher, and writing consultant.  She has received recognition as a Louisiana Educator of Distinction and a Caddo Parish Teacher of the Year Finalist.


As a volunteer in youth and community organizations, Bonita has promoted family values, citizenship, and the Christian faith.


Bonita resides in Shreveport, LA where she continues to interact in community affairs.


Since publication of A Promise Kept and Una Promesa Cumplida, Bonita has become an advocate for family caregivers-- writing and speaking to bring awareness to their issues. 


This interest has resulted in her hosting during November, National Family Caregivers' Month a celebration to recognize and honor family caregivers in the community.


Bonita's humanitarian interests extends beyond the community to supporting the relief from poverty, hunger, and lack of clean drinking water projects through CBN's Operation Blessing International.  A portion of the profits from A Promise Kept are dedicated to these causes wherever needed in the United States and around the world.




Please see the Events page to book Bonita as a guest speaker at your group or event.

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