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A decade of increasing numbers of seniors caring for seniors has brought attention to health concerns of the caregiver. Caregivers suffer from an increased risk of depression and anxiety disorders. Some studies have shown that counseling for caregivers led to significant reduction in the level of depression. In A Promise Kept Bonita Bandaries draws on her own experiences as a caregiver to address ways to avoid mental health complications.



A book to keep close at hand, A Promise Kept identifies topics of concern to the family caregiver and cites appropriate scriptures of courage, guidance, strength and peace to assist in maintaining healthy emotions.

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Una Promesa Cumplida, the Spanish translation of
A Promise Kept, is now available!


ISBN 978-1-4931-2403-9 | eBook 978-1-4931-240-6



Respite care is a crucial factor in a caregiver's role of caring for loved ones. This self-help book offers practical suggestions to motivate caregivers to find respite care options in their day to remain healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Readers are inspired to avoid burnout and reduce stress by reading, reciting, and 'riting. Did you know that reading only 6 minutes a day is enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two-thirds? The strategies of reciting positive words for personal strength and 'riting (writing) one's own stories inspire caregivers to stay strong and be encouraged. A Promise Kept Inspirational Guide for Family Caregivers is appropriate for anyone caring for spouses, children, parents or other relatives.

Reviews for "A Promise Kept Inspirational Guide"

"I am a group leader for the Care Givers Outreach ministry for our Methodist Church. We use this workbook to run a six week series every quarter for anyone that is interested in learning how to care for the care-giver. In today's society there are handbooks for every level of life from infancy to elderly, but nothing for caring for yourself while you care for others. Ms. Bandaries through her workbook has opened a dialogue that focuses on holistic self-care during the difficult times of care-giving. There is no area of one's life that is not impacted by caring for others. This workbook gives practical ideas to help sustain you, enrich your faith, and network." - Laura Evans

"This book is not only inspirational but also a practical and interactive guide to assist families in the caregiving journey. As a gerontologist, I recognize that religion and faith significantly impacts how a family cares for their loved one. This book recognizes that importance and offers opportunity for families to reflect and journal. I recommend this book to all traveling through the caregiving journey and for caregiving support groups." - A Dedicated Nurse


Reflections: A Promise Kept Journal is an organizational tool to help guide your day. The undated, lined pages make it perfect for journaling, keeping track of dates, to-do lists, notes, or important events. Reflections can be used by anyone and is appropriate for gift-giving. Readers of A Promise Kept Inspirational Guide for Family Caregivers will find Reflections: A Promise Kept Journal a good companion.

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